Newcastle: meeting the Angel of the North

Hi guys,

So, I got the pleasure to meet the Angel of the North and I have gotta say it was better than what I expected. The sun was shining on my friends and I, as we took pictures and drank our slushies.

I just realised I never really stated why I was in Newcastle in the first place…oops! Well the trip up was for my friend’s 22nd bbq/nightout shindig. The journey was quite peaceful and I managed to stay awake throughout the whole ride, which is an accomplishment from my part. Whilst there, she showed us both the Angel of the North as well as the beach at Tynemouth.

I haven’t been to a beach in a while so I was pretty much excited. That was until we had to queue up for a good 30-40 minutes for our fish and chips at the popular establishment called Longsands Fish Kitchen. Apart from my order being forgotten half way through, it was made up by free packets of ketchup, if that is any consolation at all hahah. However, the food was really nice so I do recommend the place if you ever take a trip to Tynemouth. After receiving our food we sat at the walls with the beach facing us and the summer breeze hitting our skins.

It was after the beach that the next stop for our touristic day was none other than the Angel of the North. And I have got to say, that thing is definitely much bigger in person than you’d think, hurt my neck looking up at the Angle of the North for long haha. Don’t have much history to share about the monument as I’d have to google it since our Newcastle residents didn’t know any themselves, which I found quite funny.

It was hard to get a clear picture with that many people trying to either get a good picture themselves, or not looking like a weird person trying to capture them having a lil picnic. So these were the best that I could come up with unfortunately. Hopefully you can tell that the weather wasn’t all too bad for a lovely day together with the girls.

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