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On today’s post I thought I’d talk about content creators and businesses which are black owned. What I had come to realise is that in today’s society it is hard for black owned creators to get recognised, especially with the lack of ability to fully expose themselves in the community. So I thought why not share a few of them that I’ve grown to become a fan of on my small growing blog, in hope that you would give them a try and you’d also see their personal growth. I mean how could I miss the opportunity to show some amazing creators that are out there.

Below I’ll give you a snippet of everyone’s profiles and what they get up to on their channels. So let’s get down to it…

Kaytime Tv (Youtube)

kaytime tv

Started: August 2017

Info: A team of 3 guys (and friends) bringing entertainment to the streets by asking questions in different cities. I stumbled to this channel by accident but I’m glad I did as their videos never fail to make me laugh. My favourite video to date would have to be the dilemma about whether ‘females should propose too’. It’s always refreshing to see a group of friends getting together and voicing out their views. So if it is a quick laugh or a new channel you looking for then Malvin and the crew are your pick.

Instagram: @kaytimetv
Twitter: @kaytime_tv

Nellarose (Youtube)

nella rose

Started: May 2016

Info: I would be lying if I said I knew where to even begin with this channel hahah. Nella is a recently graduated uni student who brings realness, comedy and a big personality to your screen. Despite her personal struggles, she never fails to bring positive energy on YouTube, as she enjoys life with her closest friends that she regards as family. What I like about Nella is that what you see is basically what you get with her. Whether it be her love for drill music or getting wasted with her friends. And did I mention she’s a RDC representative just like myself haha. My all time favourite video is ‘growing up in an African household’ which literally makes me laugh out loud.

Instagram: @nellarosee
Twitter: @_NellaRose

Mr200m (Youtube)


Started: October 2016

Info: Mr200m aka Josiah (also known as my mcm) is nothing other than a realist. He always manages to find a positive in every bad situation which makes him all the more likeable. You can tell that he is passionate about his career and truly wants to live life to the fullest without letting negativity change his mood. I came across his channel through Nellarose (mentioned above) and was sure to press that subscribe button as soon as possible. Josiah documented his uni journey with student finance, friends and some of his visual work which are impressive. As for my favourite video it’s hard to choose but would highly recommend his ‘ask the mandem’ videos which he does with his friends. I mean some of the dilemmas sent are quite absurd but with their reactions you can’t help but love it.

Instagram: @mr200m_
Twitter: @mr200m_

ThePatronnes (Youtube)

Started: April 2015

Info: The Patronnes are made of 2 beautiful black girls named Adeola (@apatronne) and Sola (@spatronne). The girls discuss makeup, hair, clothing hauls, careers and dilemmas with their momma Patronnes which is hella cute. Not only are the girls youtubers but they also have their very own brand called the Patronne Cosmetics which sells lipglosses and eyelashes. I can recommend their matte lipstick called Melanin which is subtle for everyday use. Their YouTube channel is filled with positive energy both inside and out.

Instagram: @thepatronnes
Twitter: @PatronneC

Patricia Bright (Youtube)


Started: July 2010

Info: Patricia Bright is no stranger to the YouTube world with coming a long way as 8 years in the content creating business. I have only been a subscriber for a couple of years now so not that long in comparison to her OG fans out there. My younger sister introduced me to her channel and that was when she was only married to her husband Mike, who they now have a little daughter called Grace. Patricia does both makeup and clothing haul videos, with the odd vlogging now and then. She’s never afraid to share the tea with her subscribers and giving honest reviews. Bubbly character and never fails to break into song midway the video.

Instagram: @thepatriciabright
Twitter: @PattyOLovesU

Lydia Dinga (Youtube)


Started: September 2011

Info: Lydia Dinga is a 25 years old lifestyle vlogger that discusses hair, fashion, travel and much much more. Now what I like about Lydia is her personality which draws you in to watch her and appreciate what she does on her channel. I may be biased with only been a subscriber less than a year but I stand by what I say, she is an phenomenal person. On her channel you see what she gets up to really, whether it be work antics or meeting up for food with friends. As for my favourite video she has done will have to be her recent Thailand travel video and the ‘questions I have never asked…a guy’.

Instagram: @lydiadinga
Twitter: @LydiaDinga

There are many many more black content creators out there that have built their business from the bottom up. But if I was to list them all we’d be here the whole year if not a month hahah. All of the above creators have got their social media noted down if you’d like to give them a look.

If you’ve got any content creators, bloggers or vloggers then be sure to comment below for me to extend my own YouTube list and try something new.

Yours Truly,

MelaninTalks x



  1. What a great lineup of black creators. As I’ve just come across your blog, not sure if this is something you post about regularly but I feel you should. There are so many creative black people worldwide who can use shoutouts like these and if you do some focusing on smaller creators AND give them a heads up that you’ve highlighted them it helps push that reach. That was a really long sentence lol! Def taking a look at the creators on this list.

    Olli –

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Ruth, this was such a great post! You’re probably the first person that I have come across who knows who Lydia Dinga is. Lydia Dinga and Nella Rose are some of my favourite YouTubers. They are both so down to earth! What you see is definitely what you get. You should check out Teeyana Aromi’s channel and Nissy T. They are both amazing black content creators on YouTube xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment ☺️ Lydia has definitely become one of my most watched youtuber lately! I’ve seen Nissy’s channel but gonna check out Teeyana for sure!! xx


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