Game App: Wall or Nothing

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So today’s blog post is going to be a little bit different from normal but not nothing too crazy. I got the opportunity to collaborate with Primordial Art Studies to review the game Wall or Nothing, which I’ve spent a good couple of weeks playing for an honest opinion. The game itself is quite straight forward; it doesn’t require any login, which means you get to enjoy the game hassle free. Wall or Nothing is a mobile app game where the player has to knock down the builders that are building a wall. The mobile game is based on Donald Trump’s wall proposition. Before I go any further I thought I’d mention that this is by no means a political blog post, merely a game created for entertainment purposes. Violence towards another body is not tolerated and everyone’s views should be respected.

At the start you have Trump with a speech bubble explaining that the builders are about to build a wall. Once you click next, the game begins and off you go.

The layout of the game is simplistic and straightforward, especially if you have played similar games to this one, such as bubble shooter. If not, you might be a little clueless at first due to there not been any instructions given on how to play it, which I found to be a flaw in the game. Due to the fact that not everyone will get the drill of the game straight away as others.

You will notice that some builders have numbers on their back. This means that you need to hit them that many times before they actually fall, so my best advice is to get them first and stop them from reaching the top, otherwise it’ll be game over. There are also additional builders which have red high vest jackets on that speed their way to the top in comparison to the orange high vest jacket builders.

The game had a slow start to begin with but as you go the game becomes interesting (especially if you have a competitive side such as myself). Once I got the hang of it, I tried to beat my best score and make sure that no one could beat me like my siblings. I’d be lying if I said that my competitive side did not make me slightly obsessed with the game. My current top score is 126!!

It’s a game fitted for all ages at no cost at all to your wallets. If you would also like to give a go at the game, you can download it onto your iPhone or Android phone using the links below…

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