September: my instagram snaps

Hey all,

I remember whilst back I said I was going to try do these Instagram snaps at the end of every month, but looking back I’ve realised I skipped August (just my luck ofc). We’ll just have to pretend that I did one hahah. September has been a month of new achievements: such as being nominated for 2 blogger awards (The Sunshine Blogger and The Blogger Recognition Award), reaching 100 blog followers, starting a new job and avoiding unnecessary online shopping. Also to top it off, I’ve managed to get myself back to my gym routine after taking a break for a month and I can truly say it has not been easy.

Overall, we can say that the month has treated me well and if this mood remains for the rest of the year, I would not complain at all!!

With it coming close to the end of the month, it is only right that I reminisce and look back on the month through my Instagram picture from September. So here are some pics of what I’ve been up to…

I hope September has been a month of new opportunities and achievements for you too. Did you manage to reach your September goal that you set for yourself? Or have you got some exciting new project lined up for 2018? Be sure to share them below on the comments section as I’d love to hear from you!

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x


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