An introduction: Blogtober 2018


Happy new month! I cannot believe it is October already!! The past few months have literally flown by in 2018 haha and it’s scary when you really think about it. I mean we’re getting closer to the new year, 92 days to be exact, and I’m pretty sure last year didn’t go this fast (or did it). Now, October is the month that I’ll be participating at Blogtober for the very first time and can say that I’ll try my very hardest to stick to it. I know my consistency can be a little all over the place but I can never really say no to new challenges. So what can you except from Melanin Talks for this month? I’ll have a mixture of styles like lifestyle, reviews, guest posts and a little bit of fashion (as a tester).

Without further ado here goes nothing on my day 1 of Blogtober. Wish me luck and see you again tomorrow!

If you’ve got anything that you’d like me to write about or just want to drop a quick hello, then be sure to comment below on the section provided.

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x


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