Lavrax: shopping for an autumn scarf

Many of us often find ourselves looking for those perfect items of clothing, the ones that are just the right fit, colour and size for the new season.

I had one of these days not so long ago. I woke up, it was chilly, it was windy, and it was most definitely Autumn. Did you know it was Autumn? I don’t think anyone in the blogging world would ever let you forget it.

I went out on a massive shopping day looking for a very specific scarf to have as part of my Autumn wardrobe and I knew exactly what I wanted.

It needs to be a mustard yellow, tartain with black, grey or red stripes

Yes, I wanted this exact one. I made my way to Westfields in Shepherd’s Bush, London, and I started searching for it. Because what can’t you find in Westfields?!

I bring you here my shopping trip and my desperation to find this scarf. It was oh so great seeing how many scarfs I found that looked almost like my ideal scarf… Yet not coming close at all. You get that feeling, right? Annoying.

Well sometimes it is just a lot nicer to be surprised by something that you did not expect, and I am so happy that I kept my options open (even though I didn’t know it at the time…) because I love my new scarf!

I firstly started specifically looking at the mustards…

Mustard is a well-known Autumn colour and a very flattering colour to wear. I found that it was amongst the most popular scarf colours, however, none of them had exactly what I wanted.

Here were a few contenders and where you can get them!

A perfect block mustard coloured scarf…


And this cute mustard combo if you want to look like a real mustard bottle:


This lovely mustard beret, bag, and scarf because who doesn’t love colour coordination?


This lovely light mustard scarf and clutch bag for a chiccy look:

New Look

And there was of course…

A mix of mustard and other minty colours…

Urban Outfitters

And all the Autumnal colours!


All the the pinks and dusty colours


And for all of those who love stripes and bright accessories:


And of course for those who are into dressing a little bit darker


So what did I actually go for?

Well, I’ve had a bunch of compliments on this scarf, and I’ve already done many photoshoots with it… So if you follow me you have probably noticed it.

It’s chunky, it’s warm, it’s long and it’s gorgeous!

You can get the scarf here but just in case you need someone to model it for you…

As you can tell I am a little bit in love with scarfs, and how can you not be? They are the perfect autumn staple, and will last you all through winter too! Until it’s a new Autumn… Then we’ll have to have another hectic shopping day.

What is your favourite Autumn accessory? If it’s not a scarf I’m definitely going to challenge you to change my mind.

Thank you for reading, and thank you to Ruth for having me on her wonderful blog!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Autumnal scarf finds. You can keep up with me on my socials below:


twitter: @Lavraxb

instagram: Lavraxblogs

Have a lovely rest of Autumn/ Spooky time,

Lots of Love, Lavrax.


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