MyLifelines: Why fall is my favorite season

While all three of us ladies from MyLifelines love Fall, you’ll be hearing from J of the ALJ trio about this topic.

First of all, I’ve gotten so extra with Fall that I’ve even started to call it Autumn. And I live in the United States where we’re not that fancy. There’s just something about the air changing and the crispness in it that awakens me. I feel more motivated, more stylish, and more invigorated to live my best life in the fall. That’s why I was so excited when Ruth allowed us to guest post on her blog! So instead of continuing with lengthy paragraphs, I am going to give you a list of all of my favorite things about the Autumn season.


  1. The best of the TV series come back in the Fall! I became a TV show fanatic after streaming services began to take over.  As soon as September comes around, my Hulu is already attuned to what I need to watch next. There is even a new handy Fall Premiers category now on Hulu!
  1. Dark and Moody colors! I secretly still hold onto my high school goth phase, and can’t wait for September 21st because that’s when my black lipstick comes out. I have withheld from swooping my bangs again, but rest assured my fall wardrobe attire could have me mistaken for a member of the Addams family.
  1. Bright, orange colors! I’m not overly depressing okay? I still enjoy the beautiful change of the leaves on the trees. I was a  bit worried about this favorite after moving to NYC, but Central Park has become my favorite place to wander in the Fall.
  1. Apple everything! Yes, I work for the company Apple, but this is not a sneaky brand drop. I’m talking about apple cider, Hard apple cider, apple pie, and anything else apple flavored. Pumpkin spice definitely takes the back seat for me in the fall. Fight me.
  1. Changing my closet over! If anyone knows me, they know I love mundane things, like a clean closet. So this is the one time of the year where I get to pack all of my summer clothes away and break out all of the sweaters I own. It’s also a chance for me to declutter and get rid of clothes that I held on to last season. Like my favorite crew neck sweater that has three holes in it but I refuse to admit it. It’s definitely a cleansing moment for me.
  1. There are so many cider options in the bars! I am a drinker at heart, so I love all types of beer and alcohol. But sometimes I’m in the mood for a nice, crisp apple cider to enjoy while my boyfriend is drinking his disgusting dark chocolate milk beers. In the fall, all of the breweries come out of the woodworks with an extra interesting cider I get to enjoy.
  1. Traditions! I’m a sucker for traditions and Fall is overloaded with them! When I lived back home in Virginia, my family and I would drive up to Graves Mountain at least once every fall to go apple picking. I’ve done this tradition since I can remember. Now, this is my first Fall away from my family, I’m excited to make my own traditions, that will definitely include me finding my way to an apple orchard.
  1. Hot Beverages! I have found that my caffeine intake drops drastically in the Summer. And before you continue, this is not a good thing for me, especially in the mornings. And I can only guess that the reason behind this is it’s already hotter than Satan’s bedroom outside. So when I brew a cup of coffee I am literally burning from the inside out. And don’t even get me started with 90-degree weather, hot coffee, and going underground to grab the train to take to work. Fall allows my hot beverages such as coffee and tea to do their multi purposeful work by energizing me and also making me warmer at the same time!
  1. Movie Marathons! While I love my beautiful streaming services, I still own over 300 DVDs and I refuse to sell them. And in the Fall, it is my chance to rummage through them (but not messing up my alphabetical order) and pick out all of my favorite Fall movies. Some of them include Hocus Pocus, When Harry Met Sally, and all of Rob Zombie’s renditions of Michael Myers. As you can see, horror movies are not my go to.
  1. School supplies! Just because I’m not in 5th grade anymore doesn’t mean I can’t be fresh to death my with my school supplies. I see you, Lisa Frank, making a comeback. While I’m not in school anymore, I always seem to make up a reason why I need a new spiral notebook and the $70 colorful Sharpie set. And let’s not forget tax-free day! I will fight those upcoming 5th graders to the death for the last pencil box.  

I promise you, I could come up with a million other reason for why everyone, or at least myself THRIVE in the Fall season. If you to enjoy the magic of the Fall, drop a comment on what’s your favorite reason. Again, huge shoutout to Ruth for letting us feature this post!

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