York: an Autumn break

Welcome back,

So not too long ago I went to York for a Black History Month event, which my old university was hosting. You can read all about it on here. At the beginning it looked as though it was going to be a one gal trip, but my lovely friend Naomi was free and came along with me. It has been like a year since I was in York (aka graduation day) and I haven’t been able to visit due to work. However, since there was still the last couple of days of half-term left, I took it upon myself to go.

It was as cold as we both expected it to be. I mean it was coming to the end of Autumn after all. So we definitely knew to come prepared with our jumpers and big coats hahah. Once we got to York, we had a walk around town as we had some time to kill before the BHM event at the uni. I took Naomi to the shambles in York and paid a visit to the Harry Potter store as she liked the films (it’s quite the popular shop). After an hour passed, we started walking towards the uni, whilst still contemplating where to go for our little Afternoon Tea, which we’ve both been looking forward to for days.

Old picture of mine from August 2016

Forward to the point where the BHM event on Frederick Douglass has come to an end (click here to read all about it). Naomi and I set off to eat, as I was much hungrier than I expected to be as per. Not even the cookie that Naomi halved with me did the job for my never ending pit which I call my stomach. It’s fair to say that we did do a lot of café hopping during this time too – oops!

My lovely companion

In the end, we decided on the York Cocoa House and all I can say is that they really don’t mess about with the chocolate in there – like no joke EVERYTHING had chocolate inside, even the sandwiches! I was a little hesitant of trying their sandwiches with chocolate sauce inside, so I picked the cherry and chocolate scone, with the traditional jam and cream. Naomi was more daring than I to try something new hahah, so she had the beef sandwich that was served with salad and (surprise surprise) drizzled in chocolate sauce. The one thing that we agreed on was getting a nice big cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows; I had the milk one, whereas Naomi had the white chocolate flavour.

York Cocoa House

After we had finished at the York Cocoa House, we went to the little café right next door to it as we wanted to see what they had to offer too. I regret saying this but damn I wished we went there first hahah. This is mostly due to the fact that the cream was actually whipped in comparison to the one at York Cocoa House. Oh well, better luck on our next visit. It wasn’t long till it came the time for us to head back home for our train, so we set off for the train station. Knowing that there are regular trains to York gives it all the more reason to want to go visit again, especially with the advantage of having a railcard.

York Bridge

Thank you for taking your time reading today’s post and hope you enjoyed our day trip to York.

What’s your favourite city travel? Or have you perhaps been to York before? Leave a comment below of your day travels as I’d be very interested to hear all about it.

Happy Monday!!

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x



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