Motivational Quotes: how to be more positive


It’s been some time since I’ve been back. 10 days to be exact but who is really keeping up right. Now unto the post, I’m back with yet another motivational orientated blog. With a twist. Today, I’ll be sharing positivity through the words of the Simpsons’ artist, Chris. I came across his book at the library and just couldn’t not share it with everyone haha. Truth be told, I was shamelessly laughing to myself in the children’s area as I was flicking through the pages.

Below I’ve listed few of my favourite quotes which were in the book (in no particular order). Hopefully you’ll find most of them as useful as I did and some others hilarious.

1. “be quiet for a moment and you will see/ such beautiful things around you and me”

2. “if you don’t like the way your life is/ then why don’t you do something about it/ instead of kneeling down with no clothes on all day”

3. “when life gives you lemons/ make some lemon earrings”

4. “if you want to be a baby lamb/ then just be a baby lamb”

5. “a true friend is someone who will rescue you from a drought/ without even thinking about their own safety”

6. “cuddling helps people grow”

7. “it is better to say goodbye in peace/ than say hello in pain”

8. “don’t cry over spilt cow juice”

9. “spoil yourself once in a while/ because you deserve it”

10. “the soothing smell of friendship/ is the only thing that you truly need”

So what did you think? Felt motivated by Chris’ words of wisdom? Comment below of your favourite piece(s) and enjoy the rest of your day.

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x

**all pictures in this post are not mine and owned by the artist.



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