Womanhood: embrace & love yourself

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As you have figured out from the title of the blog post, today I’ll be writing on embracing your womanhood and self love because there is no such thing as appreciating yourself too much. The post will completely be from my point of view and tactics on which I take to ensure that I remember to be happy in my own body. There are many things that I wish I could just alter about myself but then I wouldn’t really be myself and just a fabrication of something that’s distant from the true me. So, in order to stop my head from coming up with these ridiculous ideas (which are either impossible or my salary would not cover haha) I redirect them to be more positive.

One thing that I do to embrace and love my actual self is by working out in the gym. Yes I actively gym believe it or not hahah. At the start I was a little hesitant because I thought people would think why is this skinny girl even here (as I’m quite slim). However, I managed to move beyond that False Experience Appearing Real (you can read all about this definition of fear by clicking here); by aiming to add some weight whilst toning my body and arms to a place where I was most comfortable with. I can personally say that it was the best decision I made as ever since going consistently, I’ve grown much more confident in my body and feel better. I mainly know this because whenever I see a mirror in shops I’ll stop to gass myself before continuing with my shop. To think that I used to hate walking past mirrors and seeing myself. If you ain’t happy with your current body or want somewhere to have time to yourself, then the gym is a good bet.

Another route is to look at the amazing, talented and successful women that we have to influence us. Obviously these will be different to each individual but I’ll just be giving you a couple of who I say I look up to for that female inspiration. We have women such as Michelle Obama, Sherrie Silver, Lupita Nyongo and Queen B (Beyoncé). They’ve worked their way up from having nothing at all to owning business opportunities and becoming entrepreneurs. However, when looking up to these women and many others, I remember to focus on my journey. Remember to give yourself some credit on where you are at the moment because you’re doing great.

Be your quirky, unique self! One thing to remember that you’re limited edition and there’s none other than you. Although it feels like there’s lots of women around you that you feel in ‘competition’ with (and I’m using that word very loosely); there’s something that you have than no one can ever attain. Don’t spend your time being envious of these instagrammers, celebrities and whatnot. Have more confidence in yourself. Embracing your own qualities and seeing them as something worth celebrating allows you to grow confidence in yourself. If you’d like, make a list of qualities that you are proud of having both as a woman and an individual. If I was able to send a message to my old self, this would be it for sure and I’d tell her not to let anyone ever dull your light.

And that marks the end of today’s blog post. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about womanhood and self love, as I spoke on my personal experiences. I for one thought it tied up very well with Women’s History Month.

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x



  1. This is something I needed to read today as I haven’t been feeling my best lately! I agree with you about the gym. I go for runs all the time and I always feel better about myself, about my day, about ANYTHING! You are so inspiring! Theres a quote I love that says “empowered women empower women” and thats exactly what you’re doing so thank you!!!

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    1. That’s a really inspirational quote to live by as us as women need to start empowering each other the same way we do on complimenting on the comments section 💪🏾 it’s always the littlest thing that can make our day better as you’ve shown! Thanks for your comment Colleen!!


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