Mother’s Day: Dear mum…


In celebration of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d share with everyone a note to express how much I appreciate and love my mother. Not only am I alive because of her but she has shaped the person that I am today, despite the odd bickering here and there (but that’s expected…right). I know how much my mum loves her grandchildren so for Mother’s Day, with the help of my sister, we got her a couple of framed pictures of her grandchildren being together. Majority of the time this is a hard task as children never stay sat long enough for that perfect picture we wish for. So, this is for you mum.

visualise your highest self then start showing up as her-3

Dear Mum,

You’re one of a kind. You’re always an loving, compassionate and hardworking woman. Your intentions are always pure no matter the action you take. As I’ve grown up, I’ve began to notice more of this each year and I’m truly grateful. You push us to be the best versions of ourselves by equipping us with tools that we need to succeed and have a better upbringing. You not only taught me how to have faith, but you taught me how I should never give up on my dreams and ambitions. You taught me that if I really wanted it enough, I should do everything in my power to overcome the obstacles, attain it and reach even beyond that. Raising us all alone couldn’t have been easy and yet you never showed an inch of struggle. As corny and cliche as this may sound, you are my superhero in so many ways. I’m grateful for everything you do. Even when we’re all moved out of home, you still have your door open, to welcome us back when we visit. Whenever you tell me ‘You’re always welcome here’, I know in my heart that your love for us is conditional.

I never want to see you change your personality. God blessed us with a good mother to steer us towards Him and live a prosperous life. One day, when I have my own family, I hope that I may be as good of a mum as you are and learn from my past experiences. You deserve all the happiness (not just on Mother’s Day). I love you!

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x



  1. This is a nice letter you wrote for your mother. You’re so caring and kind. You deserve to be your mother’s daughter, regardless of what you both have been through in life.

    Remember, no matter what you do or how far you go, a mother’s love will always follow you everywhere you go and will always be with you. 😊

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