A Guide: how not to give a f***


On today’s post I’ll be giving a few quick pointers on how not to give a f*** (we’ll keep this blog free from explicit words). Often, the world has a way of throwing things at you and most of the time, there is nothing that we can do but wait for it to pass on by. So, basically this is where my blog post comes along. Rather than allowing the world to beat you down, here are ways to not allow the external things affect you too personally. As always with everything that I write about, these are tools that I personally use and don’t necessarily work for everyone. I can’t be beaten for  throwing out some home tools after all…right?

I won’t drag on the introduction much longer and bore you wonderful readers. So, let us get down and onto to list that I’ve come up with. Here are personal trips of no longer giving a f***.

  1. Opinions: If you ask someone for opinions and/or advice, remember that they’re nothing more than that. You have the power not to let it dictate the way in which you do things. For instance, the most recurrent factor that causes to be questionable is relationship advice *sigh*; only you and the person you’re dating will know what works, not your neighbour.
  2. Choose Positivity: Don’t let every negative thing knock you down. As Keri Hilson once said “just get back up when it knocks you down” and I’d add that think of the positive things you can be grateful for, that is going right.
  3. Be Yourself: Don’t stress out at what people think in regards to what you do or prefer. I say this is because at the end of the day its your life and you only get one of it. So you may as well live it to the fullest being the best version of yourself that you can.
  4. Distance: If you have people that do nothing more than tear you down and stop you from being better, distance yourself from them. I’m not saying cut them off (unless its a toxic friendship anyways), just give you and them some space to give time to yourself.
  5. Confidence: Don’t underestimate yourself and on what you can do. Your life is yours. Your confidence matters in many aspects of your life; without confidence you probably wouldn’t venture beyond the line that has been limited to you.

I can place my bets on you probably thinking that there isn’t really a single person that wholly lives by the motto. For that…….I can say you’re completely right. Does that make me a writer of paradox? Yes. But this is due to the fact that, as humans, we cannot stop overthinking and blatantly giving a f***.

I mean you’d be quite foolish for not wanting to give regard to things such as work, your time, health, family and so on. It’s the irrelevant things that you should be more concerned with blocking out from your perspective.

I hope you found the blog post interesting  and maybe took something out of it too. If you have any comments you can place them below.

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x



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