Melanin Talks: A Story


A year a back, I realised that many would either mispronounce my blog name or think that my name was Melanie (which is understandable considering my blog name is Melanin Talks). I noticed this due to the various guest posts that I used to do for other bloggers, which I kinda miss doing and should get back to it sometime this year. Therefore, I sat down and thought to myself, what is the best way to fix this slight misunderstanding; write about the ‘history’ behind the name of Melanin Talks and how exactly I came about with it.

Every blogger knows that at the start of creating your blogging brand, there are 2 things that become your worst nightmare: 1) Compiling a blog niche and 2) Creating a name for your blog that is neither taken nor cringe central. I can bet that I wasn’t the only person that struggled with them both, it literally made me doubt myself for a good couple of months. I guess you can say that it was part of the reason that creating my blog took many turns before actually coming alive as to say. So why Melanin Talks? And what significance does the name have to the author behind the words? Keep reading on my blog post and you’ll get to read an insight to the blog name and why I’m glad that I chose the name to present my views/ thoughts.

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Why don’t we start by the name first. So, why Melanin Talks? Well truth be told I didn’t want to name my blog with my real name, but instead a pseudonym to go by. This is because I worried of people who knew me, to find out that I started blogging (no longer an issue as I freely share it now). Back then it was my biggest concern, as I didn’t feel as though my blog was worthy of being read, but that’s beside the point that I’m trying to make here haha. Continuing on, I chose Melanin because I’m a black writer and I knew that the topics that I would write about, would be heavily themed around race. And due to the open discussions/themes within the blog, it made sense to add a word to do with speech, hence Talks.  Of course this process took a good couple of months to come together and a lot of head scratching haha; once I came up with Melanin Talks, I knew that the name felt just right for me. Even more so, it gives the readers an insight of who I am, before actually reading my contents.

Melanin Talks has been around since March 8, 2018, so over a year now (which I didn’t even realise..oops!). The blog has  managed to release 60 posts, counting this one, and gained just over 300 subscribers. Numbers has never been my biggest priority, as long as a reader or two found delight in reading about the things that I’m passionate and interested in, is just about enough for me.

Do you have a story behind your blog name? Or perhaps is has some value to it? I’d be very interested to hear from you guys, so feel free to leave a comment below and share your story behind the name.

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x



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