Belgium: City break

Welcome back,

So your girl went on a beautiful city break during the end of May for a couple of days with the little sister. Yes. Me and my sister actually managed to not strangle each other during the holiday and got along just fine; although she did start to get slightly annoyed at the fact that I kept asking for some instagram photos haha. I mean I do like to make these memories count after all when in a new city. We stayed at the city centre of Belgium, this being Brussels, and basically was at a walking distance to everything. The weather was bliss throughout the whole 4 days and I feel as though I got the chance to really see the city, along with its cultural traditions. The good thing about Belgium is that it’s small, which means that it isn’t hard to experience everything that it has to offer, in such a short space of time.

To make it fun and easy for you to follow, I’ll be doing a brief description of few of the things we got up to. Of course I’ll be including photos to go with them and prices on those that I can remember. If you’d like to see some more on my trip, they’ll all be on my Instagram handle(@ruthholondo), which you’re all free to follow. 

img_1041The city of Brussels, Belgium

The trip overall was quite cheap, considering the location of our hotel and quite last minute flight booking. I’d definitely count us lucky on that part and would hope that next time we book a holiday, we can get similar pricing again. The hotel was roughly £120pp and the flights costs us £130pp. I recommend using to search for that affordable hotel, when you want to have your accommodation booked, but yet to have the funds. Although we got the shuttle bus to the city centre, it was merely a one stop train ride, and a 5 mins walk to the hotel from there.

The Adventures of Tintin img_1810

To our surprise, we found Le Musée Imaginaire de Tintin, which is a whole museum dedicated to the series of The Adventures of Tintin. This popular series was created by a Belgian cartoonist named Hergé. You get to see the way in which he brought his work to life, from the characters, to the plots and comic images. This museum is free of charge and located just beside the town square of Grand Palace of Brussels. What’s there not to love about a city that celebrates the work of their own people with so much appreciation.

img_1820Places to eat

Whilst we were in Brussels, we ate both outside and inside the hotel (aka ordering food), as sometimes the best days were just spent inside the hotel catching up, whilst planning the adventures for the following day. We had a taste of their well known kebab wrap called durum, Belgian waffles (plenty of them), Belgian chocolate and even visited few of the restaurants in the city centre. One of my favourite places was the American styled burger restaurant which the lil sis found through img_1811instagram. This was called Manhattn’s and their burgers were just divine, along with the homemade ice tea which made me crave them again once we landed back in the UK.





The Atomium

The Brussels monumental landmark is also one of the many places that we went to see. As you can tell by the picture on the left, we were full of smiles and enjoying the warm weather (don’t let my jacket fool you as I took it off straight after this picture). This landmark is now a museum for tourists to visit and even enter inside. That’s right, we both walked inside this 102m tall landmark and got to see the city of Belgium from a great height. We even saw the mini Europe miniature park that was next door. If I remember correctly the tickets for adults was 15 euros for the Atomium.

My packing list

Truth be told, I never realised how much of an indecisive person I was until it came to packing for the short city trip vacay. Who knew that you’d be swapping and changing your outfit ideas till the very night of the day you were meant to travel. Yup that was me. Along with leaving my hair wash till the very last minute after taking out my braids. Past me just wasn’t very wise on time keeping at all. Luckily the outfits I had put together turned out to be better than I had expected for myself and very weather appropriate. As always, I make sure that I pack at least one pair of jeans in case the sunny weather decides to take a turn for the worse. I conquered my fear of wearing double denim and rocked it. I found my old summer Topshop dress which ended up fitting me just as good as the last time I wore it. Below are glimpses of my outfits which I had taken along with me for the trip.

That comes to the end of my travel post to Brussels, Belgium. I hope you enjoyed reading what we got up to, as well as the places which we visited whilst being out there living our best lives. Have a great week!

P.S. The details of my outfits are all linked on my Instagram.

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x




  1. Ah I love Brussels, sounds like you had a great trip! I went with my partner a few years back, just for one night, and we got to go to the Magritte museum which was just incredible. There was also a really nice botanical museum we visited… Missed out on Tintin though! We also tried snails there for the first time which were much nicer than you’d expect.
    If you go again I’d recommend using the Eurostar if you can – it’s so central that it makes it perfect for city breaks (and it’s really cheap as well).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I didn’t even think of trying the snails haha, that’s been something that I feel like I need to try at least once in my lifetime! I’ll definitely look into the eurostar on my next visit. It’ll beat being so high up in the sky 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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