Greece: a family getaway

Welcome back

Today’s post is going to all about my beautiful week spent in Thessaloniki, Greece. I won’t come on here and tell you that the entire week was bliss, because that would just be lying to my readers. Point blank. What made all that worth it though was the company of my family members and being abroad together, watching my nephew enjoy the beach and bust out some good moves in the evening.  It really was a memory that I’ll never forget about. Now this holiday was pre-planned and kept a secret from my mum, as it was a surprise birthday/Christmas present from all of us kids (turns out we can plan something together without bickering).

I can happily say that 90% of the time the weather was above 20 degrees. This meant a lot of sun, tan and relaxation around the pool; we even managed to get our mum out into the water at the beach. Our family bonding surprisingly consisted of many competitive games, such as heads up, cards and trivial pursuit (best yet worst game ever to exist). But my favourite part of the holiday had to be the breakfast because what girl doesn’t love food…am I right! I think the fact that it was an all you can eat breakfast made it a winner in my eyes. However, the dinner time was somewhat questionable to say the least, as the selection wasn’t all that great. My sister’s found enjoyment in it by testing out the dessert section every, single night and seeing how it measures up against their GBBO expertise.

One of my highlights of the week was seeing a sunrise for the first time in my life. I mean the waking up bright and early in the morning wasn’t all that pleasing but it had to done. I’d be lying if I said that I even bothered to put any makeup on that morning. All I needed was my phone, mustard oversized hoodie and my flared trousers. Yes the combination wasn’t my greatest achievement but we move (the fashion police will have to wait to catch me another day). I mean no one in Greece will ever see me again unless we cross paths haha.

However, with every highlight there has to be a negative to balance it all out in the world. To avoid my spirit from having another breakdown, I won’t go into much detail about it. Let’s just say the resort management wasn’t the best to go with, I mean it lacked the whole idea of night time entertainment and family fun games. The staff were lovely and friendly from the start, but the higher ups could’ve done a better job at providing service for their customers. If I was to go back to Greece again, I’d want to visit the other parts that I hear a lot about too. Regardless of all that happened, I enjoyed having that week off teaching and live my best life before heading back to the teacher life.

That’s all on my holiday in Greece, Thessaloniki with the crazy bunch that I call my family.

Yours truly

Melanin Talks x




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