Reflection: positive affirmations

Welcome back,

On today’s post I thought we’ll share some positivity through daily affirmations that anyone can use in their lives. Whether you having a good day already, slightly slumped by the miserable northern weather or just having one of those ‘meh’ days. Having that daily affrimation can really have a positive effect on your life and give you that boost that is needed to get you through the day. As I always repeat on my blog posts, it’s always easier to think of the things that are going wrong in your life or moments when you feel completely out of your comfort zone; during these times, one always has to try to remain positive by flipping the situation(s) over and finding delight through the smallest of things. For example, I remeber everything going wrong the second I placed my foot on the floor and got out of bed. How? Well not only did my alarm clock fail me, I missed my bus because I was too busy trying to find my work which was due in that day and the English weather did what it does best…rain it down like cats and dogs. There was plenty of moments that I was ready to drop everything and just walk back home, as I knew it was only a matter of time before it goes from bad to catastrophic. However, hold and behold I stayed and got on with the rest of the day. Crying inside whilst showing a happy, stress free and drama free facial expression. A bit like the one that I currently have on my face as I write this haha.

Sis, you’re derailing from the point again.

So, as I was saying, daily affirmations is a good strategy to say back to yourself during the grey and blue moments of your day. I’m not forcing you to recite the ones that I’m about to suggest, especially if you already have a few on your mind that works best for you as a parent, child, student or even a workaholic. Daily affirmations are the ones to try out. Before I follow on with the list of affirmations, I also wanted to mention that daily affirmations can be reedeemed in other ways than mentally/vocally. You may find that your positive energy which gets you through the day is music, dance or even reading poetry in itself. Whichever floats your boat the most. With that being said, here is a list of my 10 favourite daily affirmations.

  1. I am doing my very best
  2. I am a confident woman (or man)
  3. Today is going to be a great day
  4. I am grateful for being alive
  5. I am worthy
  6. I am loved
  7. My success is for certain
  8. All things are temporary
  9. My strenght is greaten than my fears
  10. Happiness is a choice

Those are my top 10 daily affirmations which I absolutely do the most on when I’m having a bad day or just want to start the day on a positive note. I hope you liked today’s short post of positivity and were able to take something out from it. How do you start the day in a positive way? Do you have a favourite daily affirmation that you say to yourself? Please share them below in the comments section as I’ll love to hear about them.

Yours truly

Melanin Talks x



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