Insecure: Ghosting, Baggage ‘n’ the rest

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On today’s post I’ll be discussing a YouTube channel named The GrapevineTv, which I got introduced to not long ago and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. The channel is created and hosted by a woman named Ashley Akunna. The GrapevineTv is based on a panel of black individuals ranging from artists, influencers and intellectuals that come together to discuss contemporary topics, which impact our current generation. Think of it as Bkchat Ldn, minus the kitchen and the foolish comments.



I will be focusing on GrapevineTv’s intake on the HBO tv show called Insecure. I found few of the statements raised within it quite interesting and worth dissecting a little further.

In case you haven’t heard of the show, Insecure, it is based on a black woman who deals with modern day issues, which relatively brings forward her insecurities. It’s these issues that cause her to not only face her personal insecurities, but battle them through everyday experiences. All together, the comedy-drama show has 3 seasons so far and I highly recommend you watch it (add it on your list of series if need be). I chose to look at the idea of ‘ghosting’ and ‘baggage’ that are brought into the new relationships.


In season 3, Issa finds her man Nathan gone for a month..a whole month..without a word. You best believe that the man had the audacity to come back, with a bouquet of flowers and play house all over again. Maybe I am slightly being more dramatic than needs be but you get the idea. The way I had a lot and I mean A LOT to say about ghosting you’d think the ghosting topic triggered me. I mean lowkey it did but that’s because I absolutely despise people that disappear out of nowhere. Like boy is it that hard for you to just tell me that you ain’t interested or something hahah. I’m not going to come here and lie that I haven’t ghosted before *cough cough* but its always for the right reasons. Before someone decides to jump on me hahah. The only time that you’d ever find me ghosting is if a guy that I’m talking to shows certain red flags or just begin sending inapporpiate messages that I really ain’t intersted in. In our current culture, ghosting has somewhat become a norm or a quick reaction which people take. When in fact, it is important to remember the emotional manipulation that it carries alongside it. The party doing the ghosting might not (at times) consider the feelings of the other party. And that is when things mostly go side ways. What’s your take on ghosting?


Partner’s baggage

Insecurity doesn’t discuss the 15kg bag allowance kind of baggage but the big kind, the one where you’ll find yourself having to pay extra money to fly with that bag, kind of baggage (are you with me or have I made no sense at all here). For instance, the panel discuss Lawrence’s relationship with his father and not wanting to take on the baggage with it, despite having chlamadiya himself. This then followed with the panel discussing on their opinion regarding baggage as a whole. I think baggage is one of those things that everyone has in one shape or another; it definitely is something that plays a role in the relationships you have with those around you. Personally, I wouldn’t leave someone that has baggage unless it was a deal breaker which conflicted with my relationship expectations etc etc.

Hope you somewhat liked the read! Let me know in the comments section if you’ve watched the show before too!! As it would be interesting to see your take on Issa’s life and the topics discussed. I will be writing more on the effects of ghosting and why it just triggers a little nerve inside of me. Do I hear a blog post idea? I think we do indeed. Till next time.

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Melanin Talks x



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