Restart: life in your 20s


Welcome to a new blog post by yours truly. Initially, I was going to explain my 4 months of absence with some real truths and excuses but argued against it. Why? Well it won’t bring back the 4 months and honestly I  hit a bad writer’s block. Just when I think that I’ve got everything figured out with my teacher trainee course, socialising and writing etc. something manages to disrupt the peace. Similar to some, the start of 2020 was not the one at all and I really struggled to keep it all together. I did somehow manage but just barely. Then, I got to the chance to return back to my old placement and teach familiar faces again. Yet it was followed by Aunt Rona’s appearance (which I will not even bother dicsussing as I’m staying far away from that negativity). Sometimes life just happens but despite all the disruptions and uncertainty, I have learnt to not become so disheartened when things are put on pause. I mean I am only in my 20s and still have a long way to go. I have time to build that ‘together’ picture which I am working towards.

20s are potentially the only time that you get to learn and unlearn things in your life. Confused? I’m basically saying that we have the opportunity to try new things, fail by error and try again. It is okay for you to not have it all ‘together’. If anyone even knows what it is like to have everything ‘together’. Don’t make limitations on your life because all that’ll do is stop you from moving forward to greater things. As always it is easier said than done in life. We live at a time where society pressures you to grow up fast and if you don’t, you’re viewed as someone who has failed. When in reality that isn’t true. Take the time to build your career, environment, relationships or whatever it is that you’re currently working on. Aspire to be the best version of yourself and work even beyond that.

How can I be my best version?

The nitty gritty of how you will achieve this is different to each individual. For myself, I have decided to press the restart button. Yes you can have one for life as well and not only in video games. My restart button means refiguring my goals, as well as my priorities. This is because I have realised that I have neglected some of my aspirations and goals for the sake of things that are not that important to me. The weird part is that I didn’t even realise what I was doing until I pressed the restart button and really took that pause from the fast changing environment. I do not want to look back at my 20s when I’m older and regret not taking the opportinities that were before me. I would rather look back and see that I gave it a real go (whether it be a success or a failure).

For instance, blogging is a hobby which I refuse to let flop again like I did with the past 2-3 attempts haha. This is probably down to the fact that I have grown with Melanin Talks and not ready to let it go. As corny as it sounds, she is my little baby which I wish to see flourish even more than what it is today.  I’m sure it is something that everyone can relate to when thinking about something that they love doing. Take the time to sit yourself down and take a pause. Where do you want to start and why? When do you see yourself achieving your goal? Remember to be realistic with your timings!

Do not worry about where you are in life. It is not too late to hit the restart button and figure out what you’re aspiring to do. Your time will come.

P.S. Try not to compare yourself to what people around you are doing because their lane will never be yours. Therefore, concentrate on your own pace and your success will follow at the end of the road.

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x


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