ChitChat: My Quarantine Experience

Hey there,

I haven’t seen many blog posts about what people have been up to during quarantine or if I have, it has been quite one sided. So, I thought I’d just hop on here and share what my quarantine experience has been like. I mean I wouldn’t say it has been the most interesting, but it has definitely given me the opportunity to stop and breathe. 2020 may be one hell of a year but your mindset determines how you face it.

We all know that at the beginning, nearly every platform (well for me at least) had a negative and draining outlook towards the lockdown. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you can ever prepare for a pandemic unless you have gone through it before. And I can guarantee that many of us have not done the latter.

As an introvert, staying home wasn’t much of an issue as I can happily stay at home and enjoy my own company. However, for others I know this would not be the case due to individual circumstances. I think the only thing that I felt disheartened by was the fact that I never got the opportunity to finish my QTS course properly – I passed and everything but the thought of not having it come to a proper end was strange.

Although that was the case, quarantine wasn’t all too bad for me, as I mentioned earlier it gave me the chance to stop and breathe. How? Well that’s what I am about to share with you guys. In some aspect, you can look at 2020 as a year of self-growth and an opportunity to do things that you have either put off or haven’t had the time to start due to other commitments. Here are my quarantine experiences which I am glad I was able to do:

During quarantine, I was able to grow my platform

Yes, that’s right! Melanin Talks has come a long way from when it first started running and I have enjoyed every process (now and then). If you have been on this journey with me from the beginning, you will know that the topics which I blog about are things that I am interested in and find fun. This kind of mindset is what has kept me going during quarantine and I have continued to have that view on my other platforms. For example, on my Instagram (you can follow me over on @melanin.talksss if you do not already do so) I have been more experimental with my posts and even consistent with a theme…hard to believe right. Even more so, the interactions that I have had over on my stories has been fun with my followers. Being able to express myself on there and seeing people being drawn by it is heart-warming to say the least. Also thankful for the 1k milestone which I have hit on there too!

During quarantine, I was able to grow closer to God

When the whole quarantine thing started, I joined my church’s daily prayer meetings with the rest of the youth group over on zoom. This was open for anyone to join, no matter the age or gender. It gave everyone the chance to just worship, pray, fast, and share opinions about anything. Although, I already had a relationship with God, I felt as though this experience made that relationship even deeper than what I expected. I mean I did not miss a single day out of the 70 or so days (I think that was the total). The experience was so enlightening, and it reminded me why God is loving. His mercy really has no bounds. The lockdown gave the others and I the opportunity to just be still for once in our lives and be in His presence without any distractions. There was no school/work. There was no after school clubs to attend. Just us and God. And this is something that we, as christians, tend to forget or not prioritise enough in our busy lives. However, the shift that I felt from within is something that I want to keep pushing and not let go of. So yes, I am grateful for the spiritual growth that the lockdown brought.

During quarantine, I was able to be more patient with myself

I may have forgotten what time of day, week, or month that we were in, but I did not forget to stop as everything around us hit pause. Now, I may not be the most patient person out here in the world (possibly my worst and hardest trait to change) but lockdown did show me that I need to stop rushing into everything. The need to want everything that I aspire or wish for at an instant. Instead, I learned to be still with the world and be patient with time. This was easier said than done for sure. I had to learn to compromise with time. To help me do this, I began to give myself realistic daily tasks and planning way more in advance. We’re currently in August and I’m still learning to get better at this, so don’t worry if you don’t get it together at the start.

They may seem trivial but for me it is possibly the greatest personal growth that I have gone through. I was truly able to spend time doing the things that I neglected or haven’t given as much time as I would have liked. Yes, 2020 may have been painful but if you spend so much time in the darkness you will only drown in it. There is nothing wrong with having a positive and light mindset towards life. You’re only human. Everything that we see will eventually pass and it is your choices that will determine the course of your life.

I challenge you to reflect on your time in quarantine and see if you can say one positive thing that the lockdown has offered you. Share them below if you’d like with ‘During quarantine, I was able to…’

As always, thank you for reading today’s blog post and I’ll see you on the next one.

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x


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