Melanin Talks: sis where’ve you been?


Wow. The month of February is truly breezing by quicker than I thought it would. Especially when I hate to admit that, 2019 may just pass in a blink of an eye sooner than later hahah. It definitely has been a few busy weeks since my last post (hence the slight delay) and it’s been tough. I’m trying my hardest not to fall behind as much as I used to because I truly do enjoy writing these posts and getting to know more of you in the blogosphere/writing community.

So what have I been up to?

Well. I can say that I’ve officially decided to self-host Melanin Talks and make it more personal. With this being said. I do want to do it right, so I’ve been doing my research on different routes etc and knowing what I’m really signing myself for hahah. Once I’ve decided on a date and design for my theme, I’ll let y’all know on my social handles (if you aren’t following yet they’re are linked at the bottom). Along with upgrading Melanin Talks, I’ve been trying to grown my instagram with real, authentic engagement so some of my time has been spent over there too on a day to day basis. I do think I’ve got a long way to go with making my vision for Melanin Talks come true but as long as I stick to my guts, and keep the vision in mind it can only become perfect-ish. Right?

I’ve also been managing work and gym on top of everything else. Your girl is finally attending gym at least 4/5 times a week and that is a HUGE improvement from my past tries hahah. Maintaining this has meant that I’ve been quite tired and unable to write more blog posts and put them up for scheduling. However, the other day I was watching a YouTuber named Breeny Lee talk about success and just learning to mentally level up. This really motivated me to get up from my tired a** and write something, whatever it may be, as long as it was a piece of work which I appreciated the quality of (after many redrafts ofc). Breeny also helped me reaffirm my vision for everything that I’d mentally planned to do/accomplish. If you’ve gone through this non-motivational slump before, I’m welcome to hear other alternative tips to sit down and write.

What can my readers expect?

First of all, a whole lot more content from Melanin Talks and more consistency in regards to how many times I post a week, rather than set days (because I can’t come and kill myself). I feel as though I’m slowly starting to provide some sort of niches with this blog – let me know if I’m wrong. I aim to give you more book reviews, as 2019 will be the year that I’ll attempt reading more than last year. I’ll also try to be more creative with my lifestyle posts and share more on my journey as a Christian/faith (click here to read my testimony). If there are any topics that I’ve discussed in the past that you enjoyed reading, do comment them below as any feedback is better than none at all.

That’s pretty much of a sum up of what I’ve been up to whilst away in my own little world. As always, I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post and tomorrow I’ll be posting a Valentines special on Melanin Talks (told you Breeny hyped me up). Spreading that bit of love to everyone!

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x

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